We are a private School specialized in the teaching of Fine Arts, which is based on philosophy. Our prestigious Art Academy is in an exciting process of renovation and transfer to a new location, which means that we are prepared to welcome you with an even broader and improved offer.

We will continue to offer personalized and specialized attention in a welcoming environment that will optimally facilitate your learning. 

Our commitment includes continued informative talks, product training, advanced art techniques and specialized workshops.

Our flexible schedules fit your needs, and we will also offer the option of online courses that will be available permanently. In addition, we have a team of top-level professionals dedicated to your artistic training.

We are eager to welcome you to our new facilities in Costa Rica and work tirelessly to offer you the best experience in your pursuit of artistic development. 

At our Art Academy, also known as the School of Fine Arts, we offer courses adapted for children and adults, providing exceptional artistic training in Costa Rica.