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Pebeo drawing gum marker

High precision marker to cover reserve areas on watercolor works, inks or diluted gouaches. The plastic applicator does not break, withstands repeated pressure on the tip, does not fray and provides a precise stroke. The 0.7 mm tip is ideal for sharp and neat continuous applications.

Pebeo Masking Marker

  • Drawing Gum is a removable drawing gum for creating reserved works using ink, watercolor, gouache... It is applied to the parts of the design that you want to hide.
  • Once the Drawing Gum is dry, we proceed to color the design.
  • To uncover the parts that have been hidden, simply peel off the Drawing Gum with your finger or with the help of an eraser, once the colors are completely dry.
He Drawing Gum marker allows easier use of the product and more precise application with very fine strokes. Available in tip 0.7mm and 4mm It requires some preparation before its first use, for this:
  • Shake the marker vigorously, with the cap on, to cause the ball to slide.
  • Next, on a sheet of paper, press the tip several times to soak it in paint.

Alfra master board whiteboard

The master board whiteboard is an excellent element that will help you keep your ideas and goals in mind. Its corner system allows you to place it vertically or horizontally. Its frame can be combined with any environment

Mixed board

Metal surface allows use of magnetic attachments and dry erase markers, natural 100% puncture-resistant cork surface, reinforced anodized aluminum frame that repels rust. Practical folio holder to hold documents, mountable anodized aluminum marker holder tray. REF#3175/3177

Master board glider

Description Monthly planner board, sturdy frame, installation system integrated into its design. Horizontal placement. Sizes of 40x60 and 60x90 centimeters. Ref#2109/2110

Alfra Whiteboard

Será el complemento ideal para hacer las anotaciones que necesites en tu vida escolar, laboral o personal.

Base Varnish 1 Acrilex

How to use: Apply a layer of Base Varnish 1 on the surface to be cracked, let it dry for approximately 1 hour.

Ceramic Pebeo

  • 28 opaque colors of 45ml and very bright (lacquer finish), solvent-based, ideal for decorating ceramics.
  • They can also be used on clay and wood (by first applying a coat of primer), and even on fabric.
  • Very light resistant.
  • Colors miscible with each other

Fantasy Prisme Pebeo

  • Reactive paint with a honeycomb effect.
  • Beautiful looking finish.
  • Apply by pouring in a thick layer.
  • Stir well with a toothpick before using.
  • Multi-supports.
  • Format: 45ml

Fantasy Moon Pebeo

  • Hammered effect reactive paint.
  • Opalescent and pearlescent finish.
  • Marble effect in combination with Vitrail or Ceramic.
  • Multi-supports.
  • Format: 45ml

Rotulador doble punta permanente Staedtler

Crea un impacto indeleble: utiliza este juego de rotuladores permanentes sobre casi cualquier material. Vidrio, CD/DVD, cartón, plástico, transparencias, mampostería y papel. Un rotulador - dos puntas para máxima versatilidad y excelente aplicación de color. Ideal para diseños creativos sobre la mayoría de superficies. Anchos de línea ~ 3.0 mm y ~ 0.5 mm Disponible de 18 y 36 unidades.